Terms and conditions

  1. In case of accident or technical trouble hirer must inform the rental office and the renter is not allowed to repair the car without informing the rental office.
  2. No permission to use the vehicle outside U.A.E. insurance policy valid inside U.A.E. only.
  3. The renter has the right to use the rented car for 400km. within 24hours. In case of extra Km he must pay 1 Dhs. For economic cars, 3 – 10 Dhs. for luxury cars.
  4. The renter not allowed giving the car to anyone else to drive exempt of adding a second driver in the agreement.
  5. The sponsor is considered a third side in the contract and is obliged and responsible for carrying out all the articles of the contract.
  6. The office will not be responsible in case of finding any forbidden by police while the car is held by the renter.
  7. In case of disagreeing with the terms and articles of this contract, the owner has the right in getting back the car without first intimation.
  8. In case of accident occurred, because the “Driver” was influenced by alcohol or any other substitutes have in the same effect, then he has to pay complete compensation for damages occurred to the vehicle.
  9. After leaving the car, documents if not collected within a month then we are not responsible for deposited documents.
  10. Working time 10:00am to 10:00pm renter is inform to bring the car and hour before closing time.
  11. Office will remain closed on public holidays.
  12. The company has the rights to deduct amount for outstanding balance or fines from the renter’s credit card or from the security cash deposit.
  13. The car should be returning to the company every completion of 10,000 Km. for regular maintenance or occurrence of a mechanical or electrical failure in the car; otherwise the renter will be held responsible and would bear all the occurring repair expenses.
  14. In addition or amendments for the items and conditions will be deemed void unless approved by the company in writing.
  15. The vehicle is delivered to the renter in a good overall condition without any apparent defects and complaints.
  16. The vehicle is to be returned with all the documents and accessories and in the same condition to the lesser at the location and on the date designated to the agreement. For Non-GCC International Driving License Holders, approval is required under the law of the UAE Government, the renter must be 21 and above.
  17. The renter should not use the vehicle for off road driving, motor sports, rallying, towing or any activities that may damage the vehicle. The hirer is responsible for any damage including an administration fee to the vehicle due to any misuse.
  1. The vehicle will not be used for transportation of any illegal substances (alcohol, drugs etc.) or transport merchandise or transport passengers for hire or any other illegal act. In case of fines or confiscation of the vehicle the hirer is responsible for payment for all damages to the lesser, like full value of the vehicle, fines, claims of passengers, third party claims and loss of income or loss of rental.
  1. No insurance coverage is applicable if ,
    1. The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of accident.
    2. The vehicle is driven by an unauthorized driver.
  1. The Renter must provide the following documents for identification for any vehicle reservation:
    1. Passport Copy.
    2. Emirates I.D. Copy, If UAE Residents.
    3. Valid Driving License.
    4. International Driving License (For Non GCC).
  2. The Renter should observe all the traffic rules and regulations and will be liable to pay penalties arising from traffic offences plus an administration fee.